Trust & Estate Stewards

Trust & Estate Stewards

In arenas where professionals give advice, simplicity is usually valued. But simplicity is not always possible or desirable when establishing a DAPT. For example: the grantor may have multiple objectives; different types of asset may be transferred in the DAPT; the grantor, trustee and beneficiaries may be domiciled in different states; when trust funds are involved, the secure transfer and accounting for all funds is paramount; and a well-crafted DAPT will likely have multiple trust advisors.

To simplify the process as much as possible and provide clients with a total solution, we formed Trust & Estate Stewards to provide essential functions and services in the establishment of DAPTs and other trusts.

These services include:

  • Transfer agent services
  • Trust Distribution Advisor
  • Trust Investment Advisor
  • Intra-family distribution counseling

Liberty Street Advisory Group refers to the separate entities, Liberty Street Law, Liberty Street Capital and Trust & Estate Stewards. None of these entities or persons furnish actuarial, accounting or comprehensive tax advice. Liberty Street Law is a law firm, and does not provide investment management, or any financially-related services. Liberty Street Capital, is a limited liability company registered as an investment advisor in Georgia and other locations. Trust & Estate Stewards is a limited liability company. Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.