Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about Liberty Street’s fees?

Our portfolio management fees are payable quarterly in advance directly from client accounts based on a provided schedule. Client accounts are responsible for trading charges payable to the account custodian. We are not affiliated with any brokerage firm, custodian, or fund company and are not compensated in any way by these firms. When appropriate, we may engage in fully-disclosed co-advisor agreements and solicitor agreements.

Which custodian will be used to hold my accounts?

We arrange for the custody of client assets with highly qualified firms who also provide a trading platform and client reporting. These well-known firms meet our rigorous requirements based on their financial strength, product availability, excellence of reputation, competitive trading costs and high levels of customer service.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

There is no charge for an initial consultation. We recognize the importance of earning your trust.

If I am not satisfied with the firm’s services, is there a cost to terminate the agreement?

Either party can terminate the Investment Agreement at any time, for any reason. There is no termination charge. The final invoice will be prorated based on the number of days during the quarter the account was under management.

Who has access to my money?

The only person or persons who have access are those whose names are listed as the owner(s) of the account. Liberty Street Capital exercises limited power of attorney to buy and sell securities, but has no access to funds in the client’s account, except for client-approved fee withdrawals.

What type of reporting will I receive?

Clients receive at least quarterly statements, including performance reviews.

How will the portfolio be rebalanced?

Portfolios are periodically rebalanced to bring actual allocations in line with targeted allocations. Methodical rebalancing can enhance returns and reduce risk over time. Portfolios may also be rebalanced in conjunction with tactical asset allocation changes. Tactical asset allocation changes become necessary when valuation levels for a particular asset class reach extreme levels, either on an absolute basis, or relative to other asset classes.

Liberty Street Advisory Group refers to the separate entities, Liberty Street Law, Liberty Street Capital and Trust & Estate Stewards. None of these entities or persons furnish actuarial, accounting or comprehensive tax advice. Liberty Street Law is a law firm, and does not provide investment management, or any financially-related services. Liberty Street Capital, is a limited liability company registered as an investment advisor in Georgia and other locations. Trust & Estate Stewards is a limited liability company. Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.